Stand Above The Crowd

Confident Behaviour in every Situation

Stand out and be empowered

Companies invest huge amounts of money in their corporate image and branding to ensure the correct corporate message is being delivered to the right customer audience. 

Marketing departments and public relations departments actively ensure that the brand message is always aligned.  It is just as important to ensure the professionals who work for these multi-national companies also represent their brand in the same professional and aligned manner.  

An IIBM Certification shows you how

This online certified course by IIBM shows employers that you are serious about your commitment to their company.  It will give you an advantage over other job applicants and will reinforce your passion to excellence.

Professional behaviour and image is vital when interacting with others, it helps us to make conversations with our customers and colleagues and it shows confidence in anticipating, approaching and resolving needs.

A team member who understands professional behaviour and image has a poised demeanour in every situation and it is this attitude and way of behaving that reassures their clients, customers and colleagues that they in control and capable.

Many assume that professional behaviour is a skill that we all naturally possess. This is not always the case, particularly when you have been focused on your technical skills or academic qualifications.

Lack of knowledge can mean being overlooked for promotions

In many cases, those lacking in business etiquette and professional behaviour will not represent their companies in the manner that is expected of the brand.  If you do not show an understanding of the expected behaviour in professional situations, then you will not be successful.  Lack of knowledge can mean being overlooked for promotions and special projects.

Learn online at your own pace

The IIBM Certificate in Business Etiquette and Professional Behaviour is a video based training, conducted 100% online, in your own time and at your own pace.  It is delivered by Paul Russell Ph.D, a workplace psychologist and MD of a successful international company.

IIBM Certificate

Employer Recognised

A business certificate by the IIBM shows commitment and passion for excellence to existing and future employers. Proper international certification will help move your career to the next level.
IIBM Certificate

Course Exam

Passing exam grade required for certificate issuance

As with all professional bodies, a pass rate in the final exam is required. IIBM is no different in this respect. The pass requirement for an IIBM certificate is 70%. You are permitted three attempts at the final exam. IIBM do not issue certification to students who fail the end of course exam more than three times. In this case, a certificate of participation will be issued instead.

Consistent and Polished


    First impressions are vital as they form the basis of others’ opinions. The first impression starts with the initial introduction.


    Grooming is an important element in how others perceive us. The way we look and how well-groomed we are, gives others trust in the ability of our organisation.


    We communicate in many directions, upwards to our senior management, downward to our direct reports and sideways to colleagues, suppliers and clients.

Course curriculum