Certify as a Master Trainer

Inside the course:

  • Training delivered by specialized professionals

  • Learn how to structure and build your training sessions

  • Cover how to deal with disruptive or difficult participants

  • Learn to motivate and drive your participants learning

  • Understand the core elements of successful trainers

What makes a Master Trainer?

So what makes a master trainer? Are they better presenters? Do they use PowerPoint slides or flipcharts in some magical way? Or is it how they prepare their sessions? Simply, a master trainer is someone who intuitively practices a learner-centric approach to training.

Yes, master trainers are great presenters, but they don’t focus their skills on presenting. They use them to lead discussions and ask questions that encourage participants to think deeply and connect with the learning subject.

Master trainers are adept at developing rapport with participants and have the ability to help participants develop rapport with one another as well, to create a collaborative session of learning. And rather than just deliver knowledge content, they help participants to draw on existing experiences to build new knowledge that they can utilize straight away.

Most trainers discuss about what they’ll cover in a session. Master trainers discuss the skills the participants will master during the class and link those new skills to the participants job role. In some ways the difference a master trainer brings is subtle. But in many ways that difference is career changing.

Master trainers don't merely adapt a set of training techniques or content. They focus on trusting their participants to learn.  This is about asking great questions and listening to the participants answers, instead of just delivering content and revealing the answers on a slide. It's about creating opportunities for participants to draw on their own experiences, rather than sharing only those of the trainer, and it's about using questions to help participants build good practices as they learn new skills. 

Being a Master Trainer is  about creating an environment where participants are comfortable and safe during the learning experience.

Master Certification

Verify and showcase your accreditation to existing and new clients. IIBM international certification is proof of professional knowledge in training delivery mastery and is bench marked against international standards.
Master Certification

Accreditation Badge

After successful completion, you can display the IIBM Master Trainer badge on your course materials and on your website. Your badge displays your accreditation number which can be verified on the IIBM site.
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  • Dr. Paul Russell

    Dr. Paul Russell

    Workplace Psychologist, International Trainer & Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Paul Russell is a Workplace Psychologist and International Trainer specializing in Leadership, Management, Sales Success and Professional Behaviour & Etiquette. Paul was born and spent his early childhood in Mumbai India, before attending boarding school and university in London UK. Paul is an entrepreneur and co-founder of international training company Luxury Academy and knows what it takes to succeed both in business and as a dynamic leader. Paul has trained and coached thousands of students across the globe and has delivered keynote speeches, training courses and sessions in countries such the UK, USA, China, Singapore, Italy, France, Malta and India. By focusing on everything from effective communication and leadership, to the spread of ideas and change management, Paul has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the world.

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  • Is this course suitable for both experienced and inexperienced trainers?

    The Certified Master Trainer course is more suited to experienced trainers or those working in a learning and development role within a company.

  • When do I get my certificate?

    Your certificate is issued upon successful achievement of an 80% pass grade on the final course exam.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    The course is self-paced and you can do it as fast or as slowly as suits your individual needs.