Sell More, Make More

Upselling is a common strategy for restaurants to boost their profits. By understanding how to sell more, you can help double tips, improve business revenue and enhance guest experiences.

Upselling is more than sales; it requires perception, knowledge and discretion.  At its best, upselling looks less like sales and more like customer service; effective techniques should be subtle enough to avoid annoying the customer or making them feel pestered.

This Restaurant Upselling course will help you to become proficient in restaurant sales and in turn, create an exceptional guest experience while increasing revenue.

Sell at the Table

Inside the course:

  • Learn why people find upselling so difficult

  • Learn how to maximise sales opportunities and upsell drinks such as aperitifs and wine

  • Learn to make small talk to build relationships and enhance experiences

  • Learn to double your tips by creating amazing experiences

Professional Certificate

Continued Professional Development is an important part of career progression. All IIBM course particpants are awarded a professional certification on successful completion.
Professional Certificate

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Navigating this course
    • How to use this course
  • 2
    Welcome to Restaurant Upselling
    • Introduction from your tutor
  • 3
    Understanding Upselling
    • Why do we find Upselling Difficult?
    • Why do we Upsell?
    • Maximize the Opportunity
    • What can we Upsell?
    • What can you Upsell?
  • 4
    Enhance the Guest Experience
    • Creating an Experience
    • How do we Enhance?
    • What went Wrong?
    • What went wrong
  • 5
    The Art of Small Talk
    • Introduction to Small Talk
    • Why do we use Small Talk
    • The Danger of Silence
    • The Small Talk Formula
  • 6
    Five Steps to Upselling
    • Step One - The Welcome
    • Step Two - The Arrival Drink
    • Step Three - Main Course
    • Step Four - A Sweet Experience
    • Step Five - Something to Finish
  • 7
    Course Conclusion
    • Course Conclusion
  • 8
    End of Course Test
    • Restaurant Upselling Test
  • 9
    Your Feeback
    • Before you go...

Course Fee


  • Is this course suitable for both experienced and inexperienced waiters and servers?

    The Restaurant Upselling course is suited to all levels of staff within a restaurant or food and beverage department. Less experienced waiters will gain valuable new knowledge and more experienced waiters will get a great knowledge refresh.

  • When do I get my certificate?

    Your certificate is issued upon successful achievement of an 80% pass grade on the final course exam.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    The course is self-paced and you can do it as fast or as slowly as suits your individual needs.

  • I am a restaurant and I'd like to put all my staff through this course. Do I get a discount?

    Yes. Restaurants and hotels who would like entire teams to go through restaurant upselling will benefit from a group discount. Discounts are based on a sliding scale. Contact us to learn more.